May 31, 2019

Hello Parents!

The school year is almost over and we say goodbye to our senior students, wishing them the best of luck in the next chapters of their lives.  Best wishes to the parents of our graduates that will not a part of our parent organization anymore.

If your student is new to the band or guard program, I am happy you are reading this as you are on the right path to being in the loop to what is going on and how to find the answers to your questions.  Please feel to contact me at or 815-272-4647 if you need help with a question and cannot find the answer in one of the ways listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

For those of you with a Marching Porters student, the first mandatory camp is just around the corner.  To help prepare you, here are some tips that have been passed down from past students and parents:

June 10-14, 1-5 PM Mandatory Marching Band Camp

  • Students should arrive early--their section leaders will give specific times.  Most kids aim to arrive 30 minutes early.

  • If you have a freshman participating in Fresh Start, you will probably want to make arrangements for them to get from Central to East by 12:30, with their lunch on the go.

  • Color Guard will be measured for their attire.

  • Band will be measured for their uniforms.

  • Things your student needs for band camp:

    • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat

    • Sharpened pencil

    • Lots of water

    • Healthy snacks

    • Comfortable gym shoes (absolutely no flip flops!)

    • Reeds, mouthpieces, instruments, etc.

    • Watch the weather report and prepare accordingly

    • Instrumentalists---3-ring binder with pocket protectors for music

    • Colorguard---Practice flags

For July camps:

  • Drill book (2) (Section leaders can provide info on what works best)

  • Two shoestrings to tie drill book (to be hung around neck like a lanyard)

Canal Days Parade - June 14 (after camp, Time TBD)

Homer Days Parade - June 22 (Time TBD)

  • Students will get specific information on dress from their instructors.  Last year all students wore their black LP shirt, khaki shorts (school dress code appropriate), and sneakers.

Getting Involved

  • 1-2 Colorguard parent volunteers are needed for each day to provide cold snacks at 3pm.  Please contact Kim Connelly if you can help at

  • Penelope Simon is our uniform chair and can be contacted at  We are always looking for uniform moms to help with organizing and fitting uniforms during each camp week.

  • If you would like to donate supplies to the organization, here is a list of some of the things we always need for our various activities:

    • Men’s and women’s black knee socks

    • Bobby pins, hair rubber bands, and headbands in natural hair colors

    • Trash bags, Clorox wipes

    • Safety pins

    • Bandaids (plain, no patterns), first aid supplies

    • Black, silver, and white duct tape

    • Shout wipes

    • Clean hand towels

    • Hand wipes

Here we go!  Looking forward to meeting our new parents and students as the Marching Porters starts its 2019 season!

Dee Nommensen
815-272-4647 or
2019-2020 LTHS Band Parent Organization President

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